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François Boisrond

As long as their will be a painter to look at the world his own way, painting will exist.

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Francois Boisrond was born in Boulogne-Billancourt, near Paris in 1959. He studied from 1977 to 1980 at the National School of decorative Arts where he met Di-Rosa and Combas. In 1981 he became involved in the Free Figuration movement and as a result participated in exhibition “Finished in Beauty” organised by Bernard Lamarche-Vadel in his Parisian . . .

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Beyond works currently in stock, it seemed to me useful to combine business with pleasure by letting you discover others works by artists in my gallery. These artworks, now sold or removed from our website, have been in our stock in the past. These pages will undoubtedly make it possible for some of you to associate an image with its title or the other way round, for others it will be a good time to discover more on such and such artist. For the sake of confidentiality – the pieces being no longer available – we won't display neither their numbering or their price. For whatever reason, make sure to visit this amazing art database with to date 6441 online works just for your pleasure! Michelle Champetier

The works presented on this page are not available anymore.
Screenprint poster de Boisrond François : Montreux Jazz Festival 1987
Montreux Jazz...
1987 Original poster printed in screenprint, conceived for the 21st Montreux Jazz Festival. Editions Fondation du Jazz Festival Montreux, Swizzerland. Without
Original screenprints de Boisrond François : Beach dream
Beach dream
1986 Diptych. Original screenprints by 7 colors, signed in pencil by the artist. E. Linard Ed., Strasbourg. Without
Original screenprint de Boisrond François : Mois de la Photo
Mois de la Photo
1988 Original screenprint, signed in pencil. Without
Original signed drawing de Boisrond François : Untitled
1985 Acrylic and gouache on paper, signed and dated on verso without

Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)

Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)
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To read from the artist :
  • « Propos de F. Boisrond », Hector Obalk (via internet)
  • « La chronique de F. Boisrond, sténographe du monde », in journal Le Monde, 07/2016
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  • + FREE FIGURATION / 1980-2016 / Rémy Blanchard, Richard Di Rosa, Louis Jammes, etc.
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