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The hour of the firecracker

The eight movies presented here were integrated on our website between February 2012 and April 2014. They have been conceived and realized by Eric Andréatta. Self-taught, Eric paints, carves and realizes installations. His eye full of mischievousness, the man is warm, overflowing with humor and most often carries a staggered and percussive look on our lives. If we are talking here of aerodynamic stories and propulsions, we will have to adorn ourselves with a panoply of incredulity when we discover that the heroes are just a vacuum cleaner, a suitcase, an iron, a telephone or anything else, all of them from a bygone era! We are here not only strongly advising our visitors not to reproduce these explosive experiments, but rather strongly advising them to watch these heart-warming flames!

Avril 2014 - Tornado

Février 2014 - Valise

Novembre 2013 - Introduction

Novembre 2012 - Téléphone

Septembre 2012 - Fer à repasser

Juin 2012 - Aspirateur

Avril 2012 - Cafetière

Février 2012 - Cocotte rouge