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The team of got formed over the years around Michelle Champetier, gallerist specialist in the world of print for over 30 years. The growing success of our website doing, the team has expanded gradually. In addition to our original Webmaster, there are now four people in charge of translations, an engineer, who manages the daily updates of the website (every two months), those in direct contact with you (by email, phone or gallery) and others. Working in the shadows or directly with you, each of us strives to give you the best of ourselves, so that our website is as friendly and as complete as possible. We work to make further improvements.

In order to mitigate what we can call a virtual relationship (since it involves a computer screen) to get as close as possible to you, we want to present you here our whole team: 10 persons at your service and Leo, our 15 years old "mascot", the exact age of our website. Being able to put a face to a voice (of telephone), to get to know us through a first encounter almost "physical". We don't forget all those who at some point had occasionally helped us that could not be in the picture!


  • Françoise

    Françoise ensures our Spanish-language translations. * Although originally from Brittany, she was perfectly acclimated to the southern sun. She has traveled extensively (Africa and Latin America). She has lived in Colombia, Mexico and Cuba. She loves life and it shows; she has a contagious cheerfulness, she is passionate about art and culture. * She loves the most: Latin America, the vast land and its contrasting landscapes. She likes warm people and generosity. * She hates the most: Intolerance, hypocrisy and injustice.

  • Marie x 2

    Marie I Marie used to do our translations in English during the first years of our website. * Of Spanish origin, she speaks several languages. Happy to live, always willing, with an unquenchable curiosity, she tries everything with talent, especially music she practices intensely with happiness (viola). She became enamored of computers and creates websites. * She loves most: to have the giggles or to hear people laughter fit, music and art. * She hates most in the world: injustice and lack of respect for nature (Note: In both cases, there's plenty to do!)

    Marie II Marie II took over Marie I for the English translations. * She is from Provence and loves the traditions of her region. She is an outstanding cook. Just like her husband Pierre she is very much into North American Indians, she wrote several books on NAvajos, Hopis and Pueblos Indians. Every year, they spend few months on the Holy lands of these people. * What she likes the most : meeting people, poetry, traveling, exploring and bury her nose in a very good book. * What she hates the most : fast-food, flashiness and those who force they way of thinking to the others, stupidity.

  • Sara

    Sara ensures our translations into Italian * She divides her time between Milan, Manchester and Tel Aviv. Originally from Milan, she has sparkling eyes, energy and humor to spare. Always ready to give and... to laugh. She has published a book on the painters of the School of Paris. * She loves the most: vine leaves stuffed with meat and rice, traveling (she holds an important blog on the subject) and discovering. * She hates the most: those who take themselves too seriously.

  • Léo

    Leo is the mascot of the website. Each year he takes a flattering pose for the photography of the greeting card for * Loving and nice, the model delivered in 2002 is very talkative. He was born fifteen years ago, just like our website. * What he likes the most : playing... when he wins, skating, windsurfing when it's windy, French language fine details, raw carrots, Napoléon from his early childhood even he still doesn't admit the Waterloo defeat and pistachio ice-cream just like his dad. * What he hates the most : plaid shirts, chess games when he loses and carrots when they are overcooked, girls who pussyfoot with their hair, stay alone in his room without a cell phone or a lap top.

  • Guillaume

    He is the friend, and also the one, without which our adventure on the web would not have been possible. With Patrick, he created the website and took care of it for many years. Nowadays, professional Webmaster, he has put his talents to serve his customers. * Smooth, quiet, sensitive, tenacious, sociable and sincere. He likes big trips, fishing, photography, boating, love leaving the port more than returning. Good guitar player, he wished to have become a pop star! * He loves most: traveling, pretty girls, have drinks with friends. * He hates the most: those who think they have the true, those who have both a smile on their lips and a mouth with too many teeth, the moralizers.

  • Kim

    He is the computer engineer of the website since 2008. He works daily on it and his countless enhancements are often subtle. * He cannot bear a problem (computer?) resisting him and never let go without having resolved it. Young man, calm but angry, he is a runner, rather than a sprinter. Determined to achieve his goal, ready to face the journey, step by step. * He loves most: playing guitar, authenticity, drinking coffee with friends. * He hates the most: the established thing and predetermined ideas.

  • Julie

    Like Stephanie, she second Michelle. Julie is responsible, among other things, to enter descriptions of piece of Works, for the updates that follow one another, to make packages, invoices and all other pleasures of the secretariat. * She is the soul of discretion, while being very effective. She has the eye laughing and smiling. She never raises her voice ... and says « vous » to Michelle. « Would “You” like a little tea? ». She is the mother of a beautiful little girl. She is an actress in an amateur troupe of Cannes. She worked nearly 10 years in Paris in an art gallery of great reputation. * She loves the most: the good times, preferably shared, the sun, her girlfriends, reading books. * She hates the most: amalgam quickly made, misconceptions, racism and everything that goes with it.

  • Stéphanie

    Stephanie assists Michelle since 2008. Typing on the computer, she also takes care of mail, packages, she helps photographing the works, she holds the stock up to date, she organizes, sorts, answers the phone, etc. * What a charm! She smiles all the time! Discreet, efficient and precise. One can safely entrust her with the "keys of the house". * She loves the most: her three small blond children and silence, which seems clearly linked! She loves summer evenings. * She hates most in the world: violence, injustice, moralizers , to be cold (especially the feet).

  • Michelle

    Michelle would have liked to be a little mouse, not being seen or known! She has an experience of 30 years in the world of printmaking. Long time in a conventional gallery (Nice), she had doubts on the possibility of exercising her profession through a computer screen. The success of her website and the quality of her customers never cease to amaze and delight her. * She has an unsinkable smile. She loves both the solitude and sharing. Quiet at full speed, nice but not naive, hardworking until her fingertips. . . with a good cup of tea and a dash of milk. * She loves the most: simplicity in human relations and truth. * She hates the most: her own mess and the game of vulgar social representation.

  • Patrick

    Michelle's husband, he, with Guillaume, have thought and created the website. He manages it daily since the year of its creation in 2003. * Architect, he has also published several children's books and poetry. Mixture of patience and impatience, anger and peace; as a child, his parents told him he was an idealist. * He loves the most: the Indians of North America and their philosophy, Scotland even in the rain, the end of the end of things, friendship and freedom. * He hates the most: the appearance, when the frogs believe themselves to be oxen, calculators, and especially those who count on their fingers.

  • Gilbert

    Gilbert ensures our translations in German. * Passionate about art and culture, he loves precision in everything. * He loves most: his children and women (in order of preference) * He hates the most: the injustice and intolerance on all sides.

  • François

    François was the last one to join our team and was in charge of the section " "Petit(s) conte(s) de la folie secrète".. He stopped working with us few months ago and we are very sorry we could not share any longer the quality of his writing. * Fond of art and culture, he likes reading, writing and movies for which he is a specialist. Isn't he a journalist, writer and art critic? Wasn't he a collaborator of the Aimé Maeght Gallery and Foundation and a founder and editor-in-chief for "Chroniques de l'art vivant"? Wasn't he a producer for France Culture Radio? * This man has this sharp look of the ones who want to know and figure out. He is a first-class story teller and handles humor like a fencer! * What he likes the most : enjoying art in any ways : painting and movies. * What he hates the most : fake, junk, unbearable artists who do not know how to use their hands (except for counting)

Kees has left us. On his cloud he looks at us, his eyes sparkling with malice and smiling at the soul.