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Original works on paper from the XXth century

Prints - Litographs - Etchings - Screenprints - Drawings

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After working many years in the art sphere, Michelle Champetier opens her own gallery in Nice, on rue de France, in 1992. She immediatly specializes in prints gathering on her walls and in her stock worldwide known artists and young ones. On a regular basis, she organizes exhibitions and joins art fairs every year. Over time, during eleven years, The Michelle Champetier Gallery grows and builds a reputation.

In 2003, Michelle Champetier moves from Nice and settles in Cannes. Just like many others fields, her work as a gallerist is changin and Michelle decides to chose another way of working. That same year she bets on the web convinced that is not only the way to get her gallery known beyond her region but also the best way to promote prints. After fifteen years of experience on the web, the MC Gallery wishes to improve its website and meet as closely as possible the new technological standards.

Six days a week, Michelle Champetier and part of her team work to serve you and meet your expectations. Michelle and the first group of collaborators, Stéphanie, Julie and Patrick - are at your service and for your listening. A second circle is devoted to the permanent improvements that we bring to our site and the translations.

The MC Gallery is located on the top floor of a private house. Nevertheless, its door is always wide open so please come and meet us! If you wish to see such and such work or if you wish to discover an artist in particular we will be happy to set an appointment. You just need to call us beforehand to let us know your specific interests in order to let us prepare efficiently your visit.

You will find out that our stock is big - several thousands of works - and for the most part put away here in specially designed furnitures allowing safe preservation. Three rooms entirely dedicated to storage and office work.

Our five computers are constantly linked to the web and managed by one of us on a daily basis. For our pleasure and for yours, many artworks are hanged to the walls. This hanging - always renewed -displays a large panel of our artworks.

In addition, our gallery offers a great art library (catalogues raisonnes, thousands of books, monographies, biographies, and many others documents) at your own disposal. The gallery is also linked a huge network of professional websites that provide results of past sales over several years. If you are interested, researches may be conducted during your visit.

The MC Gallery is expecting for you!

Make estimate the value of your works

You wish to estimate one or more works in your possession as part of an inheritance, a future share, a legacy, a loss, an evaluation for your insurance company, I propose to study a previous quote to make such an estimate.

Propose your works for sale

You can offer me works in purchase; I look for prints (lithographs, etchings, screenprints) but also ceramics, illustrated books and original works - in particular drawings by masters of the XXth century.

Handled, framed, ship prints

Although the artist is essential, although there is its rarity or the fact that it is signed or not, the value of a print also lies in its state. Know how to manipulate it with delicacy (never pinch paper!), know how to frame a print and finally know how to make it travel are factors of first importance.

  • "The man who takes the footpaths encourages the frenzy of a gourmand life."

    Edgard Pillet
  • "Our projects use dimensions which usually do not belong to a sculpture."

    Javacheff Christo
  • "My eyes wide open, I absorb all things like the sponge sucks the liquid."

    Henri Matisse
  • "I am an american, not internationalist who would speak an artists esperanto."

    Robert Indiana
  • "Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it."

    Robert Motherwell
  • "A suspension is a piece of poetry dancing in a ray of life and surprising."

    Alexander Calder
  • "My heart paints the profile of the hills."

    Mario Prassinos
  • "My style is as artificial as possible."

    Roy Lichtenstein
  • "Color does not exist except in applied painting, but as the heart of an idea."

    Ben Nicholson
  • "Painting and the sculpture are unambiguous, their utility lies in their intellectual and spiritual utility."

    Max Bill
  • "Painting does not mean anything, it just wants to be."

    Edouard Pignon
  • "Space and shape so naturally fuse to make one."

    Henry Moore
  • "My nerve may be roated into the tragic, but theit extremities have a constant laugh."

    Dorothéa Tanning
  • "What interests me is to capture the appearence of death working on the body."

    Francis Bacon
  • "I constructed a reality for myself."

    Louise Nevelson
  • "The construction of a work is melody, comparable with that of a symphony."

    Alfred Manessier
  • "There is a very fine line between Art and Science."

    Stanley-William Hayter
  • "The artist must remain open-minded to all new forms of knowledge and perception."

    David Hockney
  • "Colour has its own pictorial substance."

    Franck Stella
  • "I am particularly interested by the psychic effect of the color."

    Josef Albers
  • "A painting cannot be massproduced contrary to some belief."

    James Rosenquist
  • "The art of tomorrow will be a commun treasure within which art no longer exists."

    Victor Vasarely
  • "In Provence, I suddenly felt a great excitement for the painting of Cezanne and Van Gogh."

    Graham Sutherland
  • "To be sensitive is to be conscious, contrary to a commun description of sensitivity."

    Jeanneret Le Corbusier
  • "Holding a copper plate or a stone for lithographs I felt in possession of a Talisman."

    Marc Chagall
  • "For a painter, there is no bad subject. "

    Robert Rauschenberg
  • "Art is a force where the goal is to develop and enhance the human soul."

    Wassily Kandinsky
  • "Above, in the midst of the night, glides the day, invisible bird."

    Max Ernst
  • "Each canvas is a page of the painter's diairy."

    Zao Wou Ki
  • "I want my work to be the piece of music written by a painter for his poem."

    Joan Miro
  • "I live in a paradise of diabolical blue balls where I pursue this unique mathematic of my imagination."

    Sam Francis
  • "Love is nettle, we must gather her at every instant if we want to lie next to her."

    Pablo Picasso
  • "I always had the most profound attachment for all which could not be explained."

    Ed Ruscha
  • "Once I painted in a brillant red, the vine leaves covering the sex of the statues in the school hall."

    Niki de Saint Phalle
  • "The past suddenly appears, all art, and time becomes space."

    Alberto Giacometti
  • "For me, everything is painting, even the sculpture because the invisible space shows itself as visible space."

    Nato FrascĂ 
  • "What exists between the apple and its plate must also be painted."

    Georges Braque