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Christian Feltin

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From 02/05/2024to 07/11/2024
Painter Christian Feltin's inspiration is his alone. A former architect and designer in the Paris region, he moved to the South of France a few years ago and now devotes himself solely to painting. For him, the choice of abstraction was a way of freeing himself from the figurative foundations of the academic education he had received during his architectural studies. Painting was also a way for him to rediscover and re-engage with his roots, those of his Vietnamese maternal grandparents. Christian Feltin reclaims his roots, and the distant Asia that runs through his veins, coloring his works with black, red and gold, the characteristic colors of Asian aesthetics, from lacquered furniture to calligraphy scrolls.
Whether on canvas or paper, the signs of a personal and universal script are born on a white background, whose reliefs play with the ambient light. A pictorial material that he combines and softens with walnut stain, which he loves for its binding qualities and the nuances of color that its use pure or in washes allows the artist to explore, bringing softness and warmth to the weight of the impasto.
A marriage of strength and fragility, a variety of materials and textures, always in search of subtle transparencies, Christian Feltin's painting, while inspired by the calm of his new environment, is free. The artist layers his moods and emotions, expressing the impulses of his soul. Often produced in series, this beautiful work explores inner landscapes. His, ours?
If Christian Feltin's early work was figurative, a rapid evolution led him to abstraction; we can certainly relate his art to the lyrical art or Ecole de Paris movements at the forefront of the creative scene in the 60s (with artists such as Zao Wou Ki, Pierre Soulages, Gérard Schneider, and so many others). But make no mistake: Christian Feltin's art is eminently contemporary.
With his graphic power, his dazzling gestures, the freedom given to his brush and his never-failing inspiration, the artist generously gives us something to see.
We hope you enjoy discovering some of his work.

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