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Christine Colin

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From 10/12/2021to 11/06/2022
Christine Colin lives and works in Alsace. She obtained a Master's degree in Plastic Arts after studying at the Marc Bloch University in Strasbourg between 1994 and 1998.
A multidisciplinary visual artist (drawing-engraving-painting-logo creation), she worked for several years on the theme of the root "subterranean landscapes", then of the vine. The starting point of her work was to represent the invisible, the hidden side of life without which the visible part could not exist, the hidden side that some think inaccessible. She writes "the root is to man what the spirit is to the body". The subject is the plant, but the relationship to man is omnipresent both in the form and in the symbolism.
In her paintings and drawings, she will remain faithful to this theme, later opening a new perspective with the vine, these small anthropomorphic trees that end up resembling the one who prunes them, unless it is the opposite!

There is in Christine Colin's work a perpetual questioning of the landscape suggested sometimes by a straight and abstract horizon line, sometimes by a spot evoking a mountain, always in a poetic "writing"; "What we do not see is immense" she writes. The perspectives are at the service of the expression, with variations of point of view and vanishing point.

As for many of us and for many artists, the successive periods of confinement will change the deal. Christine Colin decides to live her life and to work in total immersion in her . . studio; this entrenchment of the outside, this rapprochement with oneself will last six months in a first time. Nature, which is so dear to her, remains beyond the window and the walls, now transporting itself into another Nature, undoubtedly different but complementary, silent but just as alive inside. Her work takes another form, becomes more plastic, engravings, monotypes, but always lines, empty and full, lines, shadows, traces; the subjects are often extracted from her trash can and her shelves: flattened packing boxes, construction games, prints of discarded objects, everything is subject to his imagination and his creation! An artistic recycling!

She likes to quote some friends who have shared exhibitions with her: Christine Valcke, Daniel Humair, Jean-Marc Scanreigh, for example.

Since the mid 90's, Christine Colin has shown her work in many group and solo exhibitions around the world, London, Belfast, Helsinki, Tromsoe, Geneva, Tokyo, Brussels, Basel, but also in France (Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Paris, Colmar, etc).
We hope you will enjoy, as we did, discovering the beautiful work of this artist!

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