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Michel Carlin

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From 01/03/2007to 05/07/2007
We had seen, some years ago, Michel Carlin's works on paper. His suggested bodies, his memories of split up bodies, had remained printed in our retinas. Bodies of memories. We wanted very much to meet at the same moment the painter and the man. Michel Carlin lives and works in Le Var, in Callas. Generous man, he likes working he always worked and studied again the painting, but also the sculpture, the ceramic, the etching. He makes us discover his atelier, a painters atelier such as we imagine it, overflowing with canvases, with tubes of painting, with easels...with imagination. Michel Carlin tells us delicious anecdotes of his debuts: Les Beaux-Arts, lAcadmie de la Grande Chaumire, Fernand Lger who "corrects" him (in all the meanings of the term!). His meetings with Picasso, Prvert, Jean Villeri, Andr Villers and so many others, Vallauris, the eight years which he spent in Isre in the Moly-Sabatas atelier, based by Albert Gleizes. Carlin says that he discovered in his unconscious - that the painting had imposed upon him while he was only eight years old; in 1943, the child is taken under the bombardments of Chambery (Savoy) he was born there and perceives corpses horribly mutilated in a landscape of apocalypse. These deaths, these bodies, will be there for ever, imposing their presence, speaking to us about the life. His artistic career is marked out by numerous collective and personal exhibitions. Today, Michel Carlin organizes two important exhibitions in Bourges (au Chteau deau and la Galerie Entre-Temps). Most of the works we show you here are inspired of Suzanne and the Old men by Le Tintoret (Painting inspired by the Old Testament). Man with a bright and deep expression, friendly, with a big kindness and a big youth, man of atelier who doesnt care at his own promotion, we are happy to make discover this artist to those who would not still know him !

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