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Roland Topor

"The humanity needs sublime. The sublime of the sublime, it is the art. The sublime of the art, it is the avant-garde."


Notes of biography

Abram Topor, father of the artist came to setlle in Paris in 1930 thanks to a grant from the Warsow Arts Academy. Roland Topor was born in 1938. His family will stay for a while in Savoie. Conditions are rude for Jewish family trying to escape Nazis. His father passes him on his passion for arts and the young man will join the School of Fine Arts in Paris (1955-1964).
Eclectic man, Roland Topor is illustrator, drawer, painter, writer, poet, director, singer, actor and filmmaker.
He publishes his first drawings in the review  Bizarre , his first short stories appear in the review  Fiction  in 1958. His corrosive humor leads him to collaborate with the satirical newspaper  Hari-Kiri  (1961-1965).  Masochists  his first book is edited by Losfeld in 1961. Totally tragic, absurd and grotesque , the humor he disseminates evokes more the one of Central Europe. All his creations from the beginning till the end remain provocative and bizarre.

He is one of the creator of the  Panique  movement (Arrabal, O. Olivier, Jodorowsky, Sternberg) in 1962, a group that sets his life style on confusion, humor, terror, hazard and euphoria.

Attracted by the cinema, he meets with Ren Laloux. After several short movies, his long movie  La Plante Sauvage  gets the Jury Special Price in Cannes in 1973. As an actor Roland Topor obtains small roles :  Nosferatu, fantme de la nuit , film by Werner Herzog, with Isabelle Adjani and Klaus Kinski. Roland Topor realizes many movies posters ( Le Tambour by Volker Schlndorff,  L'Empire de la passion  by Oshima, etc). During the seventies, his novel  Le Locataire chimrique  gets adapted by Roman Polanski ( Le Locataire ). He also works with Federico Fellini for  Casanova  drawing images for the sequence around the  lanterne magique .
In 1988, Topor decides to adapt the life of the Marquis de Sade.  Marquis  becomes a cult movie. Roland Topor works with his partner Jean-Michel Ribes on many projects (TV, theater and movie). With Henri Xhonneux, their TV series  Tlchat  has such a succes that 234 episodes are shot.
Theater author, he writes  Vinci avait raison  which sets off an big scandal in Belgium during his creation,  Joko fte son anniversaire ,  L' Ambigu , or  L' Hiver sous la table .
Topor works many times with his friend Jrme Savary ( Les Aventures de Zartan ,  De Mose Mao ), he is involved with the staging, the set, the costumes of Ubu Roi at the Maillot National Theater in 1973.
Roland Topor dies in 1997 in Paris. He leaves us with luxurious, original and violent works that still remain actual today.

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Complete work(s)

Complete work(s)
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To read from the artist :
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