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Pablo Picasso

"Love is nettle, we must gather her at every instant if we want to lie next to her."


Notes of biography

Pablo Picasso, it is important to re-trace several aspects of his youth and to mention that, along with Braque, he invented Cubism, that he participated in surrealist exhibitions (without joining the movement), that he joined the Communist Party after the Liberation; that he went to live in the South of France and that he had an insatiable appetite for developing new avenues and for exploring others already half developed.
We should talk about the successive periods of his art and write about “Les demoiselles d'Avignon” (one of the turning points in 20th century art), the etcher of genius, the sculptor or the ceramicist, the dove of peace or “Guernica”. We think it unlikely that in twenty or so lines we could give our visitors a worthwhile or useful biography of Pablo Picasso (Malaga, Spain 1881 – Mougins, France, 1973) whose life and artistic career was so exceptionally rich.
From a long list of biographies about the artist ("Picasso the Creator" by Pierre Daix, and others by Patrick O’Brian, Roland Penrose, and Norman Mailer) we have chosen those which are - in our view - the most appropriate. Among these we have we have chosen to direct your attention to the works written by those closest to Picasso. More than mere biographies, they report “cross sections of his life”.
Four books are listed which appear to best reflect the criteria set out above. “Picasso and his Friends” by Fernande Olivier. Ed Stock, 1933 (several subsequent editions). Fernande Olivier went to live with Picasso {his mother’s maiden name) at Bateau Lavoir from 1904 to 1909 when he moved to Paris where she became his model as did several of his other future companions. “Picasso” by Gertrude Stein, Edition Floury, Paris 1938 (several editions). The author was a friend of Picasso. The first edition contains 63 reproduction illustrations of which eight are in colour. “Portraits and Souvenirs” by James Sabartes, Edition Louis Carré et Maximilien Vox, Paris 1946 (several editions): “in this book it will simply be a chronicle of the periods when I was with him, when continuously I saw him, listened to him and watched him” – J Sabartes. “Conversations with Picasso” by Brassaï, Edition Gallimard, Maris, 1964 (several editions) The first edition is illustrated by 53 black and white illustrations without text.

Artists on display

The art and the artists display: proclamations, galleries, museums, personal or collective exhibitions. On walls or in shop windows, wise or rebels, posters warn, argue, show. Some were specially conceived by an artist for such or such event, other, colder, have only the letter.

Some were created in lithographic technic, most are simple offset reproductions. They are many those who like collecting these rectangles of paper, monochrome or in games of colours, in matt paper or brilliant, with many words or almost dumb.

We are happy also to be able to greet, by this pages, mythical galleries as those of Denise René, Louis Carré, Claude Bernard, Berheim Jeune, Maeght, Pierre Loeb and others.


Complete work(s)

Complete work(s)
*« Pablo Picasso », 33 Vol., Zervos, Cahiers d’Art, Paris, 1932-1978 All the complete works

Bibliographic track and more

To read about the artist :
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To read from the artist :
  • « Huit entretiens avec Picasso », D.H.Kahnweiler, Echoppe, Paris, 1995
  • « Poèmes », présentation de Androula Michaël, Ed. Le Cherche Midi, Paris, 2005
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Art movements

+ CUBISM / 1907-1925 / Robert Delaunay, Marcel Duchamp, Charles Dufresne, Jacques Lipchitz, Jean Metzinger, etc.
+ ARMORY SHOW / 1913 / Constantin Brancusi, Charles Camoin, Marcel Duchamp, Edward Hopper, Joseph Stella, etc.
+ SURREALISM / 1924-1969 / Marcel Duchamp, Dora Maar, Kurt Schwitters, Taro Okamoto, Antonio Berni, etc.
+ MODERN SCULPTURE / 1930-1970 / William Kenneth Armiage, Constantin Brancusi, Anthony Caro, Naum Gabo, Pablo Gargallo, Isamu Noguchi, etc.
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