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Lars Bo

"An air of freedom! Paris left me develop my own temperament. "


Notes of biography

Engraver and author, Lars Bo was born in 1924 in Kolding (Jutland, Denmark). His father, a talented architect, is a fine watercolorist. Student mediocre, Bo is noticed for his desire to draw! The young man studies at the Academy of Applied Arts in Copenhagen and publishes his first drawings in Danish newspapers and reviews. Lars Bo follows the course of the painter P. Rostrup Boyesen at Statens Museum for Kunst (1939-1940), then continues his studies at the Danish School of Design between 1941 and 1943; he travels and discovers Europe.
After joining the Danish Resistance movement and spending the end of the war in Odense (island of Fyn, Denmark), Lars Bo settles in Paris in 1947. He begins engraving in 1948, learning the rudiments of this art with Johnny Friedlaender and Albert Flake (Atelier de l'Ermitage, period 1948-50); Jacques Villon encourages him to follow this path.
Lars Bo writes and publishes his first novel, "Det vidunderlige hus i Paris" (The wonderful house in Paris). In the early 50s, to deepen the techniques of engraving, Lars Bo attends the Atelier 17 led by Stanley William Hayter.
The artist begins to illustrate his first book in 1952, the intervention on this artistic field leads him to international recognition. Lars Bo illustrated numerous books (until 1996): accompanying Voltaire, Strindberg, Kafka, Robert Giraud, Francis Garnung, Gogol or Gerard de Nerval. His works depicting his compatriot Hans Christian Andersen are considered greatest works in this field ("Around the Snow Queen" in 1968, "Swan Lake" in 1969).
If the very first personal exhibitions of Lars Bo are held in Stockholm and Copenhagen in 1949, his first Paris exhibition is organized in 1954. He works temporarily as the leading artist for the French newspaper Le Monde.
One sleepless night and a very long conversation with his wife rushes his destiny: as from 1959, the artist devotes himself exclusively to his graphic work (engraving, illustrated book). He becomes known for his graphic work with surrealistically inspired fantastic motifs.
Bo is long time habitu of the Salons of Autumn, Le Trait, the French Painters and Engravers, Pointe & Burin and Gronningen Society.
The artist creates the sets, costumes and curtain for the National Theater of Copenhagen for "Swan Lake" in 1969 (choreography by Flemming Flindt).
Over the years, Lars Bo has exhibited around the world (France, England, United States, Japan, etc.) and his work - over 400 prints - is present in the major collections of international museums.
Lars Bo died in 1999.

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Complete work(s)

Complete work(s)
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