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Gerard Eppelé

"My passion? Watching brief. . . ."


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The painter and sculptor Gerard Eppelé is born in Cherbourg in 1929. He spends his childhood, a decade, in Morocco. Back in France in 1942, he begins his studies at a technical college, and then enters the School of Fine Arts in Toulouse for two brief periods (1946 and 1948). He immediately begins a pictorial personal search. After two years at the National Tapestries School of Aubusson, he becomes a decorator painter for the film industry- with Max Bouy - working for directors such as Renoir, Autan-Lara or Bunuel. He has to stop due to health problems; obliged to stay for a few years in a sanitarium, he begins to make many drawings including one suite, portraits of his companions stay. He meets André Bazin with which he participates in the creation of a film club. Gerard Eppelé settles in south-eastern France in 1959.
That same year (1959), Jean Dubuffet's meeting is crucial; he becomes for a time, his assistant and Dubuffet allows him to make his first exhibition at Chave de Vence Gallery “Drawings of the moment, Small Ball of Heads”. Since then, Gerard Eppelé has continued to paint, draw, sculpt and numerous individual and group exhibitions in France and abroad (Germany, Egypt, Switzerland, Belgium, Japan, Italy, England, Norway and Sweden, U.S, Kenya, etc.) have shown his work. Chave Gallery held no less than eight exhibitions of the artist between 1959 and 2000. In 2006, a splendid exhibition of his work “The practice of Melancholy” is organized by the Villa Tamaris of La Seyne / Mer.
Besides his work as a painter and sculptor, while teaching until 1992 (Villa Arson in Nice), the artist becomes interested in the world of printmaking (etchings and lithographs), and so probably more thorough, the world of book illustration, accompanying happily his poets and writers friends (André Verdet, Tita Reut, Claude Haza, Marie-Agnes Courouble and many others).
This painter, through the constancy of his work, always keeping a direction and without following movements, continues to move us.
The artist likes to recall that in order to achieve color, one must go through black and white. Torments bodies and minds. Gerard Eppelé has built an original work; his pictorial speech is an experience of the consciousness and his gaze of his personal vision’s world. For him, the act of painting becomes the lucidity of humans through the pain felt.
Gerard Eppelé, who has long lived in Tourettes / Loup (Alpes-Maritimes), now lives in Arles.

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Complete work(s)

Complete work(s)
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