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Geneviève Asse

"In my etchings, I believe that I can attain this extreme acuteness that attracts me."


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Genevieve Asse was born in Vannes in Brittany, France in 1923. Her parents were editors. She attended the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris in 1940, but ‘didn’t learn anything there about painting’. Her inspiration would be her native Britanny.
During the war, she participated in struggle for the Liberation, she joined the FFI, then worked as an ambulance driver : she recieved the « Croix de guerre » medal. In 1943 the painter Othon Friesz introduces her to the Echelle group, the year in which she will paint her first works. Asse participated the following year in the ‘Salon of the under 30’s’.
Avant-gardist after the war, she went to Paris in 1946 and there met a number of writers and painters (Poliakoff, Nicolas de Stael, Beckett, etc). By this time her paintings were already filled with light, color and transparency; she sought to translate her own relationship to the world, preferring rigorous and modest patterns. Blue, the color of predilection, for which she would be known, was for Genevieve the color that represents space. In 1954 she was noticed by the collector Jean Bauret who organized the first exhibition of her works at the Michel Warren Gallery in Paris. She will thus be ranked amongst the abstract artists.
Her first retrospective was dedicated to her in 1968 at the Museum of Fine Arts in Reims. She would paint a number of writers (Bonnefoy, Beckett, Frenaud, Andre du Bouchet, Ponge, etc.). Genevieve Asse, as well as painting, developped her graphic works, composing drypoint and burin engravings. She also became adept at tapistry, stain glass (Cathedral of Saint-Die, under the supervision of Jean Bazaine), in Severes porcelain, continuously expanding the multitude of her talents. In the course of time she exhibited indifferent galleries in France (La Hune, Claude Bernard, Marwan Hos, etc…) and abroad, and today he works can be seen in numerous museums (Rennes, Bron, Caen, Beaubourg, etc…).
A retrospective of her work was organized in 1988 by the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris.Geneviève Asse passed away peacefully in Paris in August 2021.

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Complete work(s)
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