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Bram Van Velde

"The deep pain of an artist, forces him to give more sense to a world full of lies."


Notes of biography

Bram Van Velde was born in 1895 to Zoeterwoude (Holland). Self-taught, he was very young enticed by the painting. When he was twelve years old, second of four children of a poor family, he worked as apprentice in a painting and decoration Atelier. He went to Worpswede (north of Germany) a village where a lot of German expressionists painters were together, then settled a time in Paris. There, he dedicated himself exclusively to his art. He earned his living with difficulties and left Paris to Majorca (Spain). Due to the civil Spanish war (during which his wife died tragically), he quitted Majorca.
He came back to Paris in 1936. His life was miserable; in spite of the collective exhibitions in which he participated and some positive criticisms, his art did not meet success. Van Velde showed his work in personal exhibitions. Although he got the respect of some person, that was not enough to bring him him material success. Samuel Beckett, a big support, wrote good articles about him and presented his exhibitions in Paris and New York.
In 1957, an exhibition of his work in Paris met more audience. It is the next year with the organization of the first retrospective that, he finally met success (Kunsthalle of Bern). Van Velde was 63 years old, this first real success allowed him to expose finally in important museums and the most famous galleries (Amsterdam, Turin, Paris, Rome, New York, San Francisco, Cologne, Munich, etc.).
Influenced at the very beginning by the German expressionists, he received, later in Paris, the Fauves influence with Matisse particularly. He was, from the post-war years (1945), in full mastery of the plastic language which characterized his whole work. Van velde’s internal emotions influenced his conception of the space, which was excellently personal to him. He liked the flow in his work, giving mostly a brilliant transparency to his compositions.
Bram Van Velde died in 1981 in Grimaud (Var, France).

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