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Ben Vautier

"Be careful Culture can manipulates."


Notes of biography

Benjamin Vautier, known as Ben, is born in Naples (Italy) in 1935 and stays there until 5 years old. Then he discovers Switzerland, Turkey, Egypt, and his mother chooses to settle in Nice in 1949. When he is 15 years old, he is an handyman in a bookshop (Le Nain Bleu). He turns over pages of art books and decides that: “To be beautiful, the beautiful has necessary to shock or had shocked”. Time goes on, Ben makes many meetings (Fontan, Malaval, Arman, Klein, etc). He leaves Le Nain Bleu, creates a stationery, then a secondhand discs store which he decorates himself. The “shop” becomes little by little a place of appointments for young people who dream “to break new”.
There, Yves Klein suggests him to use Indian ink in the great poems Ben composes. In 1959, Ben becomes enthusiastic for the New Realism; he writes Spoerri a letter which will be the first manuscript of his review “Ben God”, developing his theory of the “all is possible in art”, the art which must at the same time bring a shock and to be new. Ben’s art becomes an art of appropriation, thus he signs what never was it !
Invited by Spoerri in Misfits Fair of London, he meets there George Maciunas who invites Ben to join the Fluxus group (“All is Art”). It is the beginning of the “Mail Art” where poetry, appropriations and megalomania are together, of “the happenings, the theatre and the Fluxus concerts” (pianos are broken, rooms filled with papers, etc).1965, it is the time of the “actions of street”. Ben publishes a review named “All”, and distributes his sheets of mood “I like and I attack”. For the artist, is abolished the border between the art and the life. Ben organizes regularly exhibitions and is often exposed (Tamplon Gallery - 1994, Museum of Marseille - 1995, etc). Ben does not finish with the art, the Culture and with his ego.

Artists on display

The art and the artists display: proclamations, galleries, museums, personal or collective exhibitions. On walls or in shop windows, wise or rebels, posters warn, argue, show. Some were specially conceived by an artist for such or such event, other, colder, have only the letter.

Some were created in lithographic technic, most are simple offset reproductions. They are many those who like collecting these rectangles of paper, monochrome or in games of colours, in matt paper or brilliant, with many words or almost dumb.

We are happy also to be able to greet, by this pages, mythical galleries as those of Denise René, Louis Carré, Claude Bernard, Berheim Jeune, Maeght, Pierre Loeb and others.


Complete work(s)

Complete work(s)
*« C.R. » en préparation par Ben. All the complete works

Bibliographic track and more

To read about the artist :
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To read from the artist :
  • « Ma vie, mes conneries : 1935-1997 », Ben et A. Vautier, Ed. Z'editions, 1997
  • « Suicide d'artiste », Ben Vautier, Col. Textes essentiels, Ed. L' esprit du Temps, 2008
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Art movements

+ FLUXUS / 1960-1972 / Georges Maciunas, George Brecht, John Cage, Robert Filliou, Per Kikerby, Nam June Paik, etc.
+ SCHOOL OF NICE / 1965-1975 / Jean-Claude Farhi, Robert Filliou, Roland Flexner, Serge III, Pierre Pinoncelli, etc.
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