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Established after the May 68 events, the beginnings of the Supports/Surface movement started as early as in 1966 when the traditional frame is questioned at the "Impact" exhibition in Ceret where many artists from Montpellier, Nmes and Nice get together. The first exhibition of that group takes place in 1970 at the Paris Modern Art Museum. It gathers artists favoring painting practice and who question its basic components. During their exhibitions, in order to point out their disagreement with the art market, the usual signs such as the date and the signsture are baned. The group grants an equal importance to materials, creative gestures and final result leaving the subject in the background. The artists link this research to theoretical thoughts and political positioning within the review "Peinture-Cahier thoriques". Further to dissents between members of the group, division happens in 1972. Undoubtely, "Supports/Surfaces" group represents the last French vanguard movement in the modern history. Since 2001, "Supports/Surface" holds the place it deserves at the Pompidou Center where an entire space is devoted to the movement.

Artists not in gallery : Vincent Biouls, Louis Cane, Marc Devade, Noel Dolla, Patrick Saytour, Andr Valensi, etc.


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