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This movement reached its peak after the Second World War, between 1945 and 1952. It crystallized around artist Luciano Fontana from Milan, Italy. Fontana advocated a new style which would “move away from the old familiar shapes to find its own expression in an artistic form based on time and space.” In the early years of the movement, various publications gave more precise definitions of spacialism: “White Manifesto” (Fontana, 1946), “Spacialists I” (Joppolo, 1947), and « Spacialists II (Antonio Tullier, philosopher and critique, 1948). The first exhibit took place in 1949 (Fontana) and truly marked the beginning of Spacialism. In his Manifesto for Spatial Art, Fontana declared: “ I don’t want to make paintings, I want to open up some space, create a new artistic dimension, connect with the cosmos, which stretches out infinitely, beyond the flat surface of the image.”

Artists not in gallery : Beniamino Joppolo, Antonino Tullier, etc.

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