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The salon Réalités nouvelles was founded in 1946 by art collector Fredo Sidès with the support of artists Auguste Herbin and Del Marle. With the aim of representing all the various tendencies present in abstract, concrete, constructivist, and nonfigurative art, this event was held yearly thereafter until 1956. The association, which called itself “Salon des Réalités nouvelles”, published Cahiers. The latter review took over where “Abstraction-Creation” had left off (1931). More specifically, it kept alive the debate over nonfigurative art which Abstraction-Creation had been instrumental in bringing about, especially in its last issues. Such artists as Auguste Herbin were actually active within both groups. Réalités nouvelles, together with other groups, helped maintain abstraction alive beyond the Second World War, even though this tendency came out of the war much weaker both in its ideology and its esthetic ideals. In this short presentation, we cover the period of the formal existence of this movement, although it never totally disappeared.

XXth century art movements