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This movement, which will be born about the year 1965, is the equivalent of the American Pop-Art, with a more marked political engagement; two important exhibitions will create the cohesion of the movement: ARC (1964) and Narrative Figuration at the Gallery Creuze (Paris, 1965). The movement seeks to reconcile art with the everyday life of the townsman; the topic is placed in the mediatized image. The treatment of surface is smooth, readable, in flat tints. One often finds there a contribution of the cinema or comic strip, photography or publicity whose artists recycle the images, changing them their initial directions. The movement rejects the abstraction, work wants to tell a history of its time. The artists speak about precise events and the time which passes. They carry their interest to the scenes of the everyday life, want to propose the new myths of the society in which they live. This movement gathers very personal ways however. The treatment of work is voluntarily cold and wants to be a critical glance on the reality of the time.

Artists not in gallery : Gilles Aillaud, Christian Babou, John Christoforou, Leonardo Cremonini, François Jousselin, Maryan S. Maryan, Bernard Recalcati, Gérard Tisserand, etc.

Artists in gallery : , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .


XXth century art movements