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At first, for lack of means Figuration Libre uses makeshift materials : unused canvases, packaging cardboards and old containers. It burst through in 1981 when the art critic Bernard Lamarche-Vadel as he was moving out from his place and offered his walls to an odd group of very young painters. These improvise an exhibition they call « Finir en beauté - End on a high note ». Coming from cities, they claim their affiliation to urban mass culture and pop culture mixed with their own experience. Their approach is anti-cultural, anti-historical and…. self-ironical. Getting a lot of media coverage, they gain admittance in the advertising and fashion worlds. The creation of the F.R.A.C (Fonds régionaux d'art contemporain) by Jack Lang, then Minister of Culture in 1981 helps tremendously this group. Graffiti Art would be identical to Figuration Libre in the U.S. although French painters do not put forward political or social messages.

Artists not in gallery : Rémy Blanchard, Richard Di Rosa, Louis Jammes, etc.

Artists in gallery : , , , , , .


XXth century art movements