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The term Art Deco starts to be used after the Decorative Industrial and Modern Arts international exhibition held in Paris in 1925. Il will be essentially implemented by decorators and poster designers. Although Art Deco influenced the so called « minor arts » (gold smithery, ceramics, glasswork), it also applies to architecture, sculpture and painting between the two world wars. This style will propagate to Europe, United States and South America combining tradition and avant-garde. Painters get inspired by linear and fragmented forms coming form cubism and futurism, applying refined tones and leaving the pictural surface perfectly smooth. The Fine Arts academic teaching from Paris and the rest of the world will greatly contribute to the resurgence of this classicism.

Artists not in gallery : Antoine Bourdelle, Tamara de Lempicka, Mario Sironi, Charles Sheeler, Jean Dupas, Raphaël Delorme, etc.

Artists in gallery : , .


XXth century art movements