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Silvano Bozzolini

I would like to be a little stone of a large building.

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Silvano Bozzolini was born in 1911 in Fiesole, Italy. His parents, shop keepers, are unhappy with their sons choice to study art. However he studies art in Rome in 1928, then in Milan where he continues his formation by teaching himself. At the beginning of the 30s, Silvano Bozzolini proceeds to study the Primitive Tuscans in Florence; he be, in this same town, a student of the Fine Arts School . . .

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Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)

Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)
*C. R. en prparation, J. Castanier et O. Nouvellet, Paris All the "catalogues raisonnés"

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  • + SCHOOL OF PARIS / 1945-1960 / Jean Degottex, Georges Mathieu, Nicolas de Stal, etc.
  • + NEW REALITIES / 1946-1956 / Etienne Bothy, Marcelle Cahn, etc.
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