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Edmond Aman-Jean, designs, pastels, Michelle Champetier Gallery

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Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)

Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)
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To read from or about the artist :
* Couverture de la revue Paris , numro de Printemps du 15 juin 1904
* Edmond Aman-Jean in revue The Studio - An illustrated magazine of fine & applied art, Londres, 1907.
* Velzquez, monographie de Edmond Aman-Jean, Ed. F. Alcan, Paris, 1913.
* Souvenir dAman-Jean, cat. de lexposition Edmond Aman-Jean , Muse des Arts dcoratifs, 1970.
* Catalogue de l'exposition de l'artiste la Galerie Ferrers de Londres en 1975.
* Edmond Aman-Jean in Dictionnaire des artistes de langue franaise en Amrique du Nord : peintres, sculpteurs, dessinateurs, graveurs, photographes, et orfvre, David Karel, Muse du Qubec, Presses de l'Universit Laval, 1992.
* Aman-Jean, Patrick-Gilles Persin, coll. Maitres d'hier et d'aujourd'hui, Ed. La Bibliothque des Arts - Solange Thierry Ed., Paris,  2001 (red. 1993).
* Catalogue de l'exposition collective Le Symbolisme idaliste en France au Muse d'Ixelles Bruxelles, 1999.
* Edmond Aman-Jean - Songes de femmes , catalogue d'exposition, Muse Jean de La Fontaine et mdiathque de Chteau-Thierry, Ed. Le Capucin, 2003.
* Catalogue de l'exposition collective Derniers Impressionnistes - Le temps de l'intimit au Palais Lumire, Evian, Ed. Monelle Hayot, 2019.
Website :
Pas de site internet ddi cet artiste.
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Art movements

  • + IMPRESSIONNISM / 1855-1890 / Claude Monet, Frdric Bazille, Berthe Morisot, Gustave Caillebotte, etc.
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The art and the artists display: proclamations, galleries, museums, personal or collective exhibitions. On walls or in shop windows, wise or rebels, posters warn, argue, show. Some were specially conceived by an artist for such or such event, other, colder, have only the letter.

Some were created in lithographic technic, most are simple offset reproductions. They are many those who like collecting these rectangles of paper, monochrome or in games of colours, in matt paper or brilliant, with many words or almost dumb.

We are happy also to be able to greet, by this pages, mythical galleries as those of Denise René, Louis Carré, Claude Bernard, Berheim Jeune, Maeght, Pierre Loeb and others.

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