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You have prints (lithographs, etchings) of important artists of the XXth century (Picasso, Braque, Chagall, Miro, Dali, Chillida, Matisse, Soulages, Clavé, Buffet, Barcelo, Calder, Delaunay, Cocteau, Tapiès and others) !

aluations can be carried out on any works in your possession to obtain their current market value in the case of inheritance, future sale or simply for the information of an insurance company.

Firstly I will establish a quotation for the work that is required for the estimation. Solid documentation consisting of specific writing on the artist concerned, past auction catalogues that similar pieces have featured in, and in-depth personal knowledge concerning market conditions allows me to accurately valuate your piece.
It is in the owners' interest to put their piece in conditions conducive to allow me to carry out an accurate valuation.
In the majority of cases, it is preferable, and conducive to an accurate valuation to see the piece itself instead of relying on information provided by email or photographs.

The final valuation will be backed up by a study of similar works that have featured in auctions.

"This job requires experience, discretion and good working knowledge of the market concerned , in addition to total impartially to create a trusting atmosphere between the two parties concerned".


This activity goes through several phases :

* estimate the value of the work that has been in trusted to me,
* establish a sales description in which the work is thoroughly detailed and that states my entire responsibility,
* obtain adequate insurance cover for the work,
* to obtain the opinion of an expert or authority on the artist concerned,
* find a collector that could be interested in the purchase of the work
* Finalise the purchase, assure invoicing, payment and shipping.

I have dealt with many paper works that correspond to my personal specialities, and also with works by the masters (Picasso, Marquet, Vuillard, Signac…) in addition to several sculptures by the likes of Marino Marini, Calder, Germaine Richier, César and illustrated books by Chagall, Miro and Picasso).

Galerie Michelle Champetier - 52, Avenue St Jean - 06400 - Cannes - France
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Galerie Michelle Champetier - 52, Avenue St Jean - 06400 - Cannes - France
Tél : - (étranger : 334. - Portable :
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