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In this section, I am taking the opportunity to introduce you to new artists. Every four months or so a dozen paintings, drawings or sculptures will be presented of an artist of my choice, opening a new vision of the world. I have personally selected these artists because I appreciate their work and development; all different, and in my opinion, all interesting. Every "a glimpse into the world of..."
is an invitation to a new voyage of discovery. M.C.

Anne Turlais
Echos of the Alive
From 16/11/2016 to 15/03/2017

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One day, by chance, while surfing the web we happened to discover Anne Turlais'wonderful work. Painter and etcher, she currently lives and works in Cabrerets and Saint Cirq Lapopie (Lot), a splendid region we visited many times to meet the Bissiere family settled in Boissiérettes but also to have a look at the Zadkine Museum in Les Arques. She moved her workshop in this village in 2002. We are really honored to present a dozen of her prints here on our website.
She not only creates etchings but also artists'books, monotypes, oils on canvases. Since 2016, she is developing a screen project called « 365 days in daily life » she whishes to share it with hospitals, jails and retirement homes. Don't hesitate to take a look at her personal website :  
As an etcher, she mainly works in black and white (except for the series « originel secrets »). There is, in her work, a sense of restraint that immediately gets us to the point. It is kind of reminding us Anna-Eva Bergman's works (by the way, please note that Anna-Eva's catalogue raisonné is now available).

With her first exhibition (« Le Plein, le vide » inspired by François Cheng's writings) in a Parisian gallery –rue de Seine-, she discovers Louttre B, her neighbor in the Lot. Anne Turlais feels strongly affiliated with the Czech painter Joseph Sima. She also quotes Chillida, Ubac, Matisse, Poliakoff or Vieira da Silva she met while learning etchings techniques in 1989 and 1990 at Tanguy Garric's in Paris.

In 2006, she cooperates with the Fata Morgana Editions. Through her compositions, Anne Turlais wants the viewer to glance at their most intimous part, directly to their heart. In all of her different etchings, there is a desire to be in tune with nature. Our eye is attracted at the same time by softness and strenght, light and shade, a range of tones going from purest white to absolute black. Different aspects of the same world between dream and reality.

Attending on a regular basis the international fair of Saint Cirq Lapopie, allowed her to meet many collectors coming from all kind of horizons. Over time, the artist got involved in many personal and collective exhibitions in France and abroad (Belgium, Morrocco, Spain, Australia).
We are sure you'll enjoy discovering Anne Turlais's work.

Galerie Michelle Champetier - 52, Avenue St Jean - 06400 - Cannes - France
Tél : - (étranger : 334. - Portable :
Fax : - Email :

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