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Welcome on my website ! Works which I present here concern more than 934 artists, often universally known artists (Picasso, Directs, Chagall, Miro, Soulages, etc), known or ignored artists, but of which works seems to me particularly worthy of interest. You not only will discover very many works on paper for sale (prints, lithographs, engravings, screenprints, drawings, posters or illustrated books ), but also some paintings, ceramics and other multiples. Commercial website, without any doubt ! I also wished to put my website at the service of the art lovers ; thus, the visitor will discover, on more than 1200 pages in English language, the principal movements of the art of the XXº century to which the artists are attached, a glossary of the principal words concerning the world of print and many other information which could be useful for him. It is the minimum, each page of artist comprises a photographic portrait, references of books on and of the artist in question, "catalogues raisonnés" when they exist, a direct link towards an important site on this one. More still I am, in the long term, to fix for goal "to give flesh" to the artists whom I introduce ; thus, for each one of them, the visitor will be able of course read some notes of biography, but also to hear his voice, to see a document autograph (letter, dedication, etc), to discover a letter that one forwarded me, letter on the artist written by a member of his family, by one of her close relations, by somebody who met him, by a collector or simple lover ! Other ideas still will come to be added ; germination ! This project wants to be, humbly, to pay homage to art, to those of which works, often old, are able to illuminate our hearts... and our souls. To day and now ! Michelle Champetier
         Hartung Hans, Signed etching aquatint          Chagall Marc, Mourlot original poster          Braque Georges, Lithograph after

Alechinsky, Braque, Chagall, Chillida, Dali, Matisse, Miro, Moore, Picasso, Soulages, Giacometti, Saura, Tapiès, Hayter, Ernst ...