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 * We did not integrate new artist  into our main list during this third update 2017, but four artists for which we will not give the usual information (biography, books, catalogues raisonnes, etc.):  Alfredo Billetto, Albino Galvano, Amano Kunihiro and Claudio Verna. While waiting for new discoveries. . . - in two and a half months (October 2nd, 2017) - to propose to you, in general between 200 and 300 new works with each update !

* Since every page of « Notes of biography » of artist (329), don't forget that you can go to all the 327 posters or the 427 stamps shown on our site. It is about our way of honouring galleries of yesterday and today, and the artists !

 * You will currently find 211 pages "Homage to. . ." (“+” in English and French language for the moment !) and a heading (in french), « Un tombeau pour les artistes du XX° siècle » was created, gathering the whole of our homages pages.

 * All our pages of detail of works, in the long term, will be supplemented by a small text of introduction, "Context of the work" (under development on the French website), which will enable you to locate this one in the globality of the artist work. Our goal is to give you information as much as possible.

* The translations of the 327 French “Notes of biography” and of the 441 texts of introduction was increased since our previous update in the four other languages of our site (English language, Italian, Spanish and German). Thank you to Marie (who works on English), Anna, Sara, Françoise and Gilbert, our nice translators!

* Every day, we currently work on the realization of new improvements which will come to 
fit very soon in our website or in the creation of new services. 
Since our update of September 2014, you can download the catalog of our « New works in gallery » in  PDF format and so, if you wish, obtain a paper catalog.
We are particularly proud to offer since our update of February 2011, the "The Ladies of my street” (accessible by clicking on the image at the bottom of the general menu) which proposes a support to some older people.
 In a previous update (in April, 2014), two new sections had appeared  in our menu: « New advices » include how to ship prints (explained with two small movies), how to get a print framed and shooting a print. You will find also « Beetween us » which groups several elements which belonged to the former section « Salons and News » (now « News »), enriched by a new link (a comic strip!): « The unbelievable story of M. Petitchamp ».
In the new section « Beetween us », you will find the eighth and ultimate text (this one on François Fiedler) of « Small tale(s) of secret madness » ; we had wished to give to François Chevalier, journalist and art critic (old founder and editor of « Chroniques de l'art vivant »), a little space of writing and thinking as we thought, with a mixture of malice and strength, to be a storyteller exciting-passionate about art.
 Do not forget our « Personal views » ! (Andy Warhol for this update).

 * The number of our “Complete works” (see this heading)  was increased since our previous update (in May 2017). All the books presented (517 references) are in gallery for our personal documentation. Do not hesitate to request information to us! Since a few months, we have started the translation of our texts of the "Complete works”. Thank you to Ferdinando (183/517 for Italian) and Françoise (347/517 Spanish).

* Pages of presentation of our site in Russian, Swedish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Dutch and Japanese languages are accessible since the general gate from for numerous months. Other languages will come soon to supplement the presentation of our site.

  * After the production and the online publishing of the « Pierre Cayol Graphic's Work Catalogue Raisonné - 1950-2012 », the Champetier Gallery is happy to announce that this one was enriched by prints realized by the artist in 2013, then until 2015. The « Pierre Cayol Graphic's Work Catalogue Raisonné - 1950-2015 » is now available for consultation since more than a year on our site. It represents one of the very first of its kind and we hope you will enjoy its visit. By clicking on the following link you will be immediately directed to : CR Pierre Cayol.

 * We had the pleasure to put on-line the catalogue raisonné  « Roger Platiel, The complete prints 1956-1978 », after numerous working months. Established by Patrick Bertrand, Michelle Champetier's husband, the catalog contains 200 references, presents more than 540 etchings and a very large number of sections. You can consult « Roger Platiel.
The complete prints 1956-1978 » by clicking the following address: Since more than a year, this catalogue raisonné is now published in a paper version. The original edition is of 210 copies (10 Deluxe copies + 200 copies). Do not hesitate to obtain the catalog by an order in our gallery.

* We had the pleasure to put on-line, ten months ago, the catalogue raisonné « Jim Monson, Graphic works 1966-2016 », after several months of work. Also established by Patrick Bertrand, Michelle Champetier's husband, in association with the artist, the catalog contains 178 références (etchings, lithographs and woodcuts). Bilingual (French-English), you can consult it, in english language, by clicking the following address:
Also, you can consult the new website of the artist:

* We visited the exhibition of the photographer Walker Evans in the Centre Pompidou in Paris (which will be ended on August 14th of this year - to see absolutely! -), the fantastic exhibition « David Hockney », also in the Centre Pompidou (which will take place until next October 23rd), the exhibition Bonnard-Vuillard (the very beautiful collection Zeïneb and Jean-Pierre Marcie-Rivière) to the Museum Pierre Bonnard of Le Cannet (until September 19th) and the exhibition « Man Ray - Un regard clandestin chez les Domergue »  in the Villa Domergue of Cannes (until September 24th).

* Our first edition of prints, as announced in our page « News » of last November, was realized. It is two Renaud Allirand's original etchings. Each published in 12 proofs, these two magnificent prints, « Summer Night I » and « Summer Night II » are proposed to you in this first update of 2017. 
We are happy to let you know that « Summer Night I » received the Curator's Price of Curator of the exhibition Portland Print Fair 2017 which is kept from 27 till 29 January in the Portland Art Museum (Oregon). These two prints are proposed on our website.

* The success of our website is always growing; we are happy to note that our efforts are crowned by so many visitors, so much of contacts and so much of messages of friendship.

 * All our team is happy to present to you this third update of year 2017, by hoping that you will take as much pleasure to discover it than we had to build it.

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