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As often when working in an art gallery, catalogues raisonnes become must-have books in the world of original prints. They are absolute reference books on each artist, for a given period or for the whole artist’s artwork. They have a special place on an art lovers’ shelves and any artist collector.

The catalogue raisonne aims at identifying all the artist works by indicating their title, their size, the mounting quality and the technique used to create the work. In the field of original prints, runs, numbering, work publisher and often the printing-house will also be found. The catalogue raisonne will allow the original print to be positioned in the artist’s path (or career), to assess its importance and to avoid fake prints (one example among others: a print that has not been signed)

The catalogue raisonne must be as detailed as possible which forces the author to publish one or more supplements. Likewise, for certain artists universally recognized, such catalogues are incomplete or to date are simply missing ; in both cases it is sometimes possible to refer to major exhibitions catalogs when they have been abundantly illustrated.

You will find below the comprehensive and constantly growing list of the 517 catalogues raisonnes currently present in our gallery, a bibliography built over numerous years and made available to you (at your disposal). . These books are not for sale.

By clicking on the links showing on that list, books covers will show up with a small French explanation text (traduction is expected for the next coming months).

When the catalogue raisonne of an artist consists of several volumes, we have sometimes deliberately chosen to display just one of the covers.
We also made the choice to put forward works more specifically related to the world of print.

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