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Portrait de Dine Jim
"I love what I am doing, Help !"
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To read from the artist :
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Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)
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print, lithograph, etching, drawing, illustrated book
POP'ART /1955-1970 / Pauline Boty, Sigmar Polke, Romero Britto, Tom Wesselmann, etc.
PHOTOGRAPHY PERIOD 1975 /1975- / John Divolo, Lucas Samaras, etc.

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  Some notes of biography . . .
"The objects which I use are at the same time banals and personnel, poetic and ironic, reflecting my own feelings on the life." - Jim Dine
Dine Jim dans son atelier
Poster / Jim Dine in his studio

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Jim Dine is born in 1935 in Cincinnati (United States). He follows Art studies at the university of Ohio (1953-1957). He settles down in New York in 1958, and creates this same year, his first "happenings". His first personal exhibition is organized two years later.

From the beginning his artistic career, Jim Dine woks on recurring subjects (the self-portrait, the body, the memory); the artist made this perpetual study not only in painting but also in mixed techniques, sculpture, drawing... His work is narrative and autobiographical.

In 1962, Jim Dine participates in the exhibition "New Realism", which dedicates the Pop Art. In the 60s, his work sets on a mythology of the every day life by means of clothes, of tools, of hearts which are « as a vocabulary of the feelings ».

From 1970, during a short stay in London, he paints a linen series, and works on paper, on the Heart and Bath robes subjects. In the 80s, Dine adds faces, landscapes, death’s head and big red hearts on diptychs or triptychs. He creates wooden statues, primitive persons, which he drills of objects like a voodoo magician in a ceremony of spell. Also, with intend to give an ironic honoring to the sculpture history, he paints and sets again, statues of ancient chief.

In this last decade, Jim Dine uses the photography « to reach his unconscious in an immediate way », he experiments the digital printing, the photogravure and the chromophotography edition. Jim Dine wants his compositions « as daydreams ».
He creates an important graphic work, etchings, lithographs, screenprintings, monotypes, posters.