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The School of Paris cannot be considered as a movement nor even as an artistic current. The term only refers to a number of artists, all quite different, who all happened to be working in Paris during the 1945-1960 period and who, after Jean Bazaine, referred to their artistic style as “nonfigurative”. Each one, French or not, in his own fashion, held a significant place in the intellectual and artistic world of the post World War II period. Atlan had his first personal show in 1944, he died in 1960. Estève, a magician with color, is considered as a major force within the School. Fautrier became the voice of survivors, Hartung that of despair and rebellion in front of the horror of the recent war. As for N. De Staël, he once simply stated: “I have never found any other releasse from all the anxiety of life than to paint.” The School of Paris may not have been a real school, but these artists certainly all shared the same vibrant passion.

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