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Portrait de Pasmore Victor
"Two forms of paintings exist : one subjective and figurative the other as free as music."
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« The case for modern art », P. Fuller, in « Modern Painters », Vol. 1 n°4, 1988
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Biography : Victor Pasmore was born in 1908 in Chelsham (Surrey, England). He went to London when he is 18 years old. He had to work to earn his living after his father’s death; he was employ in the London County Council (1927-1937), while following evening classes at the Central School Arts and Professions in London (1927-1931). Pasmore’s first exhibition was . . . . (see notes of biography)
UNIT ONE GROUP /1933 / Edward Burra, Paul Nash, etc.


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Signed etching aquatint de Pasmore Victor : The cloud
The cloud

Original etching de Pasmore Victor : Spiral Motif
Spiral Motif

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