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Valerio Adami

The drawing was the discipline of my life.

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Valerio Adami was born in 1935 in Bologna. He trains at the Atelier of Felice Carena and meets Oskar Kokoschka in Venice. He then settles in Milan where he takes drawing classes (1954) at the Fine Arts Academy in Brera (Achille Funi's workshop). His first canvases are tinged by expressionnism and loaded by his memories of Italy in ruins in 1945. For the Salon de Mai in Paris in 1952, he meets . . .

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Kiss me stupid
Poster before the...
Unknown title III
Unknown title II
DLM Deluxe n 188
Maeght issue
Study for a...
The painter and the...
Olympic Games of...
La secessione di...
La camera da letto
Disegno di uno...
DLM n220 Deluxe...
Maeght issue
We are proud of you
No lo se
DLM n 220
Maeght issue
Landscape of ruins
DLM n 214
DLM n206
Maeght issue
The morning star
La source
Feuille de vigne
Moments musicaux

Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)

Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)
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  • + NEW FIGURATION / 1960-1980 / Gilles Aillaud, Christian Babou, John Christoforou, Leonardo Cremonini, Franois Jousselin, Maryan S. Maryan, Bernard Recalcati, Grard Tisserand, etc.
  • + NARRATIVE FIGURATION / 1965-1975 / Gilles Aillaud, Sergio Birga, Leonardo Cremonini, Gerard Guyomard, yvind Fahlstrm, Ivan Messac, Antonio Recalcati, Peter Saul, etc.
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