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Susan Aldworth

I have always been curious about the world and interested in ideas.

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Born in 1955, Susan Aldworth, a highly original and experimental artist, is a British artist who specialises in works exploring the human mind. She is fascinated by human consciousness and the relationship between the physical brain and our sense of self. Aldworth is a printmaker, working with etching, monotype and lithography, as well as a film-maker and portraitist. Susan Aldworth lives and . . .

9 work(s) available

The Dark Self 19
The Dark Self 18
Dreaming Voices 5
Cogito Ergo Sum 3.16
Cogito Ergo Sum 3.9
The Dark Self 17
The Dark Self 16
The Dark Self 15
The Dark Self 14

Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)

Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)
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to read about the artist :
  • Reassembling the Self , J. Beaumont-Jones et autres, Ed. S. Aldworth, 2012
  • The Portrait Anatomised , cat. d'expo., Nat. Portrait Gallery, Londres, 2013
  • The Dark Self , catalogue d'exposition au York St Marys Museum, 2017
  • Biennale de gravure de Crmone , catalogue de la Biennale, Italie, 2017
To read from the artist :
  • Scribing the soul , P. Broks, R. Mason, G. Saunders, S. Aldworth Publ., 2008
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