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Pol Bury

The splatters obviously belong to the language of a fountain.

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Pol Bury, the sculpture, painter recently died in september 2005. He was born in Haine-Saint-Pierre, Belgium in 1922. He was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts of Mons (1938). His surrealist forms are presented in the revue The Collective Invention brought to life by Rene Magritte and Raoul Ubac in 1940. In . . .

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DLM n 178 - Deluxe...
Maeght issue
Without title
V Ramollissements...
Placard Balzac
Football world cup,...
Column Trajan in...
Pisa tower
Manneken Pis mixer
Venus Anadyomne,...
Mixer I
Composition II
Composition I
La Joconde
Notre-Dame de Paris
Pine street
DLM n 228
18 squares on 2...
Mickey Mouse
Soft sphere

Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)

Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)
* Pol Bury - Les sculptures , Rosemarie E. Pahlke, Monographies de lart moderne, Bruxelles, 1994 All the "catalogues raisonnés"

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To read from the artist :
  • Milano , Ed. Cavallino, Venezia, 1967
  • L'art bicyclette et la revolution cheval , Ed. Gallimard, 1972
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  • + SURREALISM / 1924-1969 / Marcel Duchamp, Dora Maar, Kurt Schwitters, Taro Okamoto, Antonio Berni, etc.
  • + COBRA / 1948-1952 / Christian Dotremont, etc.
  • + MODERN SCULPTURE / 1930-1970 / William Kenneth Armiage, Constantin Brancusi, Anthony Caro, Naum Gabo, Pablo Gargallo, Isamu Noguchi, etc.
  • + MECHANICAL ART / 1962-1965 / Eric Beynon, Yehuda Neiman, Nikos, etc.
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