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Otto Wols

I do not see the difference in representing God with a circle or with a straight line.

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Alfred Wolfgang Schulze, later takes the pseudonyme Otto Wols, was born in Berlin in 1913. In 1931, he studies photography from Genja Jonas in Dresde. In 1932, Otto Wols studies Ethnologhy in Frankfurt and signs up with the Bauhaus in Berlin where he meets Gropius, Mies Van de Rohe and Moholy-Nagy who advises him about Lger and Ozenfant. He arrives in Paris in 1933 where he works as a . . .

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Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)
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to read about the artist :
  • Wols, sa vie . . . , E. Rathke, Goethe Institut, Paris, 1986
  • Photographs, watercolours, etchings , Inst. Fr Auslandsbeziehungen, 1988
  • Wols , Fondation Joan Miro, Barcelone, 1988
  • Wols , Cat., Galerie Karsten Grave, Paris, 1998
To read from the artist :
  • Wols, aquarelle, aphorismen , Werner Haffmann Ed., Cologne, 1963
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