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Portrait de Ernst Max
"Above, in the midst of the night, glides the day, invisible bird."
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To read from the artist :
« Une semaine de bonté », J.-J. Pauvert, 1963
Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)
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Biography : Maximilien Ernst was born in Brühl (Germany) in 1891; he studied in Bonn: philosophy, history of art and psychiatry. He began drawing very early. After the war, Ernst adhered to the Dada movement in Cologne. After a first personal exhibition organized in 1921, he settled down in Paris (1922). Two years later, he was one of the cosignatories for the . . . . (see notes of biography)
DADAISM /1916-1924 / Erwin Blumenfeld, Marcel Duchamp, Marcel Janco, Kurt Schwitters, Sophie Taueber-Arp, etc.
SURREALISM /1924-1969 / Marcel Duchamp, Dora Maar, Kurt Schwitters, Taro Okamoto, Antonio Berni, etc.
ATELIER 17 / 1927-1965 / Anton Prinner, Mauricio Lasansky, Jacques Lipchitz, Mark Rothko, etc.

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Signed lithograph de Ernst Max : Judith, Plate IV
Judith, Plate IV

Original signed lithograph de Ernst Max : Journal d'un astronaute millénaire
Journal d'un...

Original signed lithograph de Ernst Max : Paramythes

Exhibition catalogue de Ernst Max : The sculptures
The sculptures

Poster de Ernst Max : Gallery Iolas
Gallery Iolas

Signed print de Ernst Max : Hybrid I
Hybrid I

Signed print de Ernst Max : Hybrid II
Hybrid II

Poster de Ernst Max : Festin

Issue lithograph de Ernst Max :  XXe siècle, Homage
XXe siècle, Homage
Maeght issue

Etching signed de Ernst Max : Over the mills
Over the mills
Maeght issue

Lithograph signed de Ernst Max : For surrealism
For surrealism
Maeght issue

Original lithograph de Ernst Max : The birds
The birds

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