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Portrait de Vieira da Silva
"The unbelieveable is believeable, just take a good look."
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Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)
Les estampes, 1929-1976 », Yves Rivière, Arts et Métiers Graphiques, Paris, 1977
Obra grafica, 1933-1991 », G. Schreiner, Ed. Convento de S.Francisco, Camara Municipal de Tomar, 1993
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Estampe, lithographie, gravure, Vieira da Silva

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Vieira da Silva
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Biography : Maria Elena Vieira da Silva was born in Lisbon (Portugal) in 1908 in a wealthy family. Her father disappeared when she was only 2 years old. Her mother supported her early artistic-interest. She drew from the age of eleven, and sculpted at 16 years old. She made numerous journeys with her family, these journeys awoke her to the art. The girl . . . . (see notes of biography)
ATELIER 17 /1927-1965 / Anton Prinner, Mauricio Lasansky, Jacques Lipchitz, Mark Rothko, etc.
SCHOOL OF PARIS /1945-1960 / Jean Degottex, Georges Mathieu, Nicolas de Staël, etc.
NEW REALITIES / 1946-1956 / Etienne Béothy, Marcelle Cahn, etc.


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Original signed aquatint de Vieira da Silva : André Malraux
André Malraux

Original signed lithograph de Vieira da Silva : Les gens
Les gens

Poster de Vieira da Silva : MNAM Paris
MNAM Paris

Original signed lithograph de Vieira da Silva : Plombs

Original signed lithograph de Vieira da Silva : Faïence

Original signed lithograph de Vieira da Silva : Transylvanie

Original signed screenprint de Vieira da Silva : Green

Original mixed technique print de Vieira da Silva : Without title I
Without title I
Mixed technique print

Signed engraving de Vieira da Silva : Diane dans le mur
Diane dans le mur

Etching de Vieira da Silva : Un été de sel
Un été de sel

Original signed etching de Vieira da Silva : Untitled

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