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Portrait de Valdés Manolo
"Painting learns of the painting."
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Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)
* « Obra grafica y Multiples - 1965-1982 », M. Dalmace, Ed. M. de Bilbao, 1988
* « Equipo Cronica », M. Dalmace, Ed. IVAM, Valence, 2002
* « Obra gráfica 1981-2002 », V. H. Nieto, Ed. Ayuntamiento de Madrid, 2002

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Biography : The painter and sculptor Manolo Valdès was born to Valencia (Spain) in 1942; his passage by the Academy of Arts of San Carlos allows him to meet the young creators of moment, among whom Rafael Solbes, with whom he create Equipo Crónica in 1964, whom joins Juan Toledo. Equipo Cronica is the most important movement of . . . (translation in few weeks)
ARTISTS OF TODAY /XXth century /
POP'ART /1955-1970 / Pauline Boty, Sigmar Polke, Romero Britto, Tom Wesselmann, etc.


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Original signed etching de Valdés Manolo : Elena

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