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Portrait de Kath Leif
"Between thought and expression. "
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To read about the artist :
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To read from the artist :
« Leif Kath », court-métrage et interview, Musée de Brundlund, Aabenraa, 2010
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Biography : Leif Kath is born in 1945 in Denmark. He lives and works in Christiansfeld in southern Jutland, his homeland. Multidisciplinary artist, Leif Kath works actively for the past nearly 45 years on the Danish art scene: painter, illustrator and graphic designer (etchings, lithographs, etc.), but also ceramist, designer and sculptor. His first debuts are . . . . (see notes of biography)
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Original signed etching de Kath Leif : Composition I
Composition I

Original signed etching de Kath Leif : Opus 130
Opus 130

Original signed etching de Kath Leif : Composition II
Composition II



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