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Portrait de Pons Jean
"All my emotions go, I hope, in the act of painting, which is my only word."
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To read about the artist :
« J. Pons », in Cahiers d’Art-Documents n° 153, Ed. P. Cailler Genève, 1961
« Mitraillomachie », Jean Pons, Ed. Ateliers Populaires de Paris, 1983
« J. Pons, la peinture en marche. 1947-1960 », Ed. At. Populaires de Paris, 1986
« L’atelier Pons », Ed. Centre culturel français d’Oslo, 1994
To read from the artist :
« Jean Pons, 60 ans de peinture », entretiens, Festival Trélazé, 1998
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Biography : Jean Pons is born in Paris on the eve of World War I in 1913. He is a student at the Estienne School in Paris. Quite remarkable practitioner and discoverer, in 1938 he founds a lithography workshop which is immediately attended by many contemporary artists of Paris of utmost importance and, particularly, by Russian artists: Nicolas de Staël, . . . . (see notes of biography)
LYRIC ART, ABSTRACT, TACHISM /1950-1960 / Jean Degottex, Georges Mathieu, Jackson Pollock, Emil Schumacher, Emilio Vedova, etc.
NEW REALITIES /1946-1956 / Etienne Béothy, Marcelle Cahn, César Domela, Antoine Pevsner, etc.
SCHOOL OF PARIS / 1945-1960 / Jean Degottex, Georges Mathieu, Nicolas de Staël, etc.


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Original signed lithograph de Pons Jean : Sonomachie

Original signed lithograph de Pons Jean : Snow

Original signed lithograph de Pons Jean : Without title I
Without title I

-- PRINT -- de Pons Jean : Without title
Without title

Original signed lithograph de Pons Jean : Un parfum d'Eros
Un parfum d'Eros

Original signed lithograph de Pons Jean : Tombé en amour
Tombé en amour



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