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Portrait de Hucleux Jean O.
"The shadow of lead color is the spirit, presence without shadow."
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« La question essentielle », Jean Duvallet, Ed. Centre Pompidou, Paris
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To read from the artist :
« Entretien avec J. O. Hucleux », Anne Bertrand, Ed. Skira, 1999
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L'oeuvre graphique, 1971-1999 », Musée d'art contemporain de Lyon, Ed. Skira-Seuil, 2000
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Estampe, lithographie, gravure, Hucleux Jean O.

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Hucleux Jean O.
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Biography : Jean Olivier Hucleux was born in 1923 in Chauny, France. He did his first attempts at painting immediately after the war, then in 1945 he stops painting for more than 20 years. He exercises several professions, before deciding to re-apply himself to art, in 1968. He paints photos, as one paints in nature, and proceeds, between other work, a . . . . (see notes of biography)
HYPERREALISM /1965-1985 / Chuck Close, Malcolm Morley, John De Andrea, Duane Hanson, etc.


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Print de Hucleux Jean O. : Roman Opalka
Roman Opalka

Print de Hucleux Jean O. : Joseph Beuys
Joseph Beuys

Print de Hucleux Jean O. : Jean Cocteau
Jean Cocteau

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