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Portrait de Atlan J-Michel
"A shape ineterests me from the moment I managed to give it life."
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To read from the artist :
« Atlan, mon ami », M. Ragon, Ed. Galilée, 1989
Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)
*« L’œuvre gravé », Françoise Voimant, Ed. Bibliothèque nationale, Paris, 1986
*« Premières périodes, 1940-1954 », D. & C. Atlan et J. Polieri, Ed. A. Biro, Paris, 1989
L’œuvre complet », Jacques Polieri, Gallimard, Paris, 1994
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Biography : Jean Michel Atlan was born in Constantine (Algeria) in 1913. After his studies in Constantinople, he came to Paris in 1930 to prepare a licence of philosophy in La Sorbonne. Meanwhile he taught in various colleges of province until 1940, he was studying for aggregation. He was revoked by the Vichy government and settled down in Paris. He wrote Surrrealists poems, did not . . . . (see notes of biography)
SCHOOL OF PARIS /1945-1960 / Jean Degottex, Georges Mathieu, Nicolas de Staël, etc.
COBRA /1948-1952 / Christian Dotremont, etc.
ESPACE GROUP / 1951 / Felix Del Marle, Etienne Béothy, etc.
LYRIC ART, ABSTRACT, TACHISM /1950-1960 / Jackson Pollock, Emil Schumacher, etc.


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