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Morandi Giorgio
Giorgio Morandi was born in Bologne in 1890 and will never leave his hometown. From 1918 to 1920, together with Giorgio de Chirico, he joins the « metaphysical painting » movement. Quickly, he gets away from it and paints, etches in his own intimist personal way, his art being attached to none of the specific schools. In the 20s, Morandi seems to move away from the vanguard pictural trends he was associated to younger. He withdraws into himself only to paint elements from his physical and mental inner. Cezanne’s work is a major influence; he takes from it the huge shapes and dense areas of colors. It is said that Morandi himself used to grind his colors. Driven by some formal sensitivity and great refinement, he gives to his landscapes and still lifes a delicate tone arousing a contemplative mode. Many exhibits, while he was still alive, are devoted to his work. In 1948, he gets the Venice Biennale award, in 1954 the Sao Paulo Biennale award for his etchings and, in 1957 for his paintings. Still lifes are the most important part of his work. Giorgio Morandi dies in Bologne in 1964.

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ITALIAN NOVECENTO /1922-1933 / Carlo Carrà, Felice Casoratti, Filippo De Pisis, Mario Sironi, etc.
  Tribute to Morandi
Book in sheets, under slipcase. Texts of 148 pages, folder, by Valerio Zurlini, Renato Guttuso, Jean Leymarie and John Rewald, accompanied with 50 reproductions in offset of Giorgio Morandi's watercolors, each in free sheet. Ed. I.L.T.E., Turin.

In total 1133 copies


Magnani with watermark "Morandi"

Various dimensions (Reproductions)
37 X 48 cm / 42 x 52 x 11 cm (Slipcase)


Few rare and very light foxing marks on some sheets, otherwise perfect.

4000 euros
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