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Portrait de De Chirico Giorgio
"To live the world as an immense museum of strangenesses."
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To read from the artist :
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De Chirico Giorgio
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Biography : Giorgio De Chirico was born in 1888 in Volos (Greece). Very early, he followed drawing studies to the polytechnic School of Athens, then, from 1906 to 1908, he studied to the Beaux-Arts Academy of Munich. Since 1910, his readings of Nietzsche and his books had an influence on De Chirico when he created his first . . . . (see notes of biography)
SURREALISM /1924-1969 / Marcel Duchamp, Dora Maar, Kurt Schwitters, Taro Okamoto, Antonio Berni, etc.
ITALIAN NOVECENTO /1922-1933 / Carlo Carrà, Felice Casoratti, Filippo De Pisis, Mario Sironi, etc.


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Original signed lithograph de De Chirico Giorgio : Sun and sea
Sun and sea

Original signed drawing de De Chirico Giorgio : Ippolito

Original signed lithograph de De Chirico Giorgio : Gli Archeologi
Gli Archeologi

Original signed etching de De Chirico Giorgio : L'Attendente

Original signed etching de De Chirico Giorgio : L'Idolo

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