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Portrait de Vedova Emilio
"My works are not creations, but earthquakes. They are not paintings, but breaths."
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« E. Vedova 1919-2006 », A. Rorro et autre, cat., Gal. d’Art Moderne, Rome, 2008
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Vedova Emilio
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Biography : Born in a working class family, Emilio Vedova is born in Venice in 1919. He spends most of his life in Venice and teaches many years at the Academy of Fine Arts in this city. His journey is - throughout his existence - that of a self-taught artist. Influenced by expressionism painting during his apprenticeship, he joins in 1942 the . . . . (see notes of biography)
LYRIC ART, ABSTRACT, TACHISM /1950-1960 / Jackson Pollock, Emil Schumacher, etc.


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Original signed etching de Vedova Emilio : Break

Original signed etching de Vedova Emilio : Madrid

Original signed etching de Vedova Emilio : Fusilamientos

Original signed lithograph de Vedova Emilio : Tribute to Joan Prats
Tribute to Joan...

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