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Portrait de Rurik
"A painting is a story to tell about colors and shapes. "
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« Rurik », Cat. d’exposition Joan Prat Gallery, New York, 1985
« Rurik », Cat. d’exposition J.E. Bernard, Avignon, 2002
« Rurik », Cat. d’exposition Henry Bussière, Paris, 2004
« Rurik », Cat. d’exposition Aiguillage, Paris, 2005
To read from the artist :
« Picturalement persistant », E. Guignet, in Aubermensuel, n° 171, Avril 2007
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Biography : On his first name - and artist’s name - Rurik chooses not to add his last name, in order to avoid confusion! Born in 1960 in Dieudonné (Oise), Rurik has always bathed in an artistic atmosphere. His mother, famous actress and comedian, collaborates at the ORTF as a film director, his father, Pierre Dmitrienko, is the known . . . . (see notes of biography)
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Original signed painting de Rurik : Composition XIII
Composition XIII

Single work de Rurik : Double composition I
Double composition I
Single work

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