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Portrait de Domela César
"The discipline gives to painting dignity."
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To read from the artist :
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Catalogue(s) raisonné(s)
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Domela César
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Biography : Cesar Domela-Nieuwenhuis was born in Amsterdam on January 15th, 1900. He began painting in 1918 and devoted himself entirely to the art one year later, year following his father death, who was a Lutheran Pasteur and a famous political leader Ferdinand Domela-Nieuwenhuis. He settled down in Switzerland, in . . . . (see notes of biography)
NEW REALITIES /1946-1956 / Etienne Béothy, Marcelle Cahn, etc.
ABSTRACTION-CREATION /1931-1938 / Etienne Béothy, Frantisek Kupka, Piet Mondrian, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Georges Vantongerloo, etc.
PHOTOGRAPHY BETWEEN WARS / 1918-1939 / Robert Tatlin, Alexandre Rodchenko, etc.


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Original linocut de Domela César : Composition III
Composition III

Original linocut de Domela César : Composition II
Composition II

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